Work packages

IMASAT work pakages structure
IMASAT work pakages structure

WP1 – Specifications. This work package is focused on the definition of the project’s requirements and their management for ensuring their compliance on the design at aircraft and systems level based on the Topic Manager inputs.

WP2 – Conceptual Design will focus on the High-level Design Concept of the the Computing Node system architecture, including the preliminary internal interfaces among the subsystems and the interface between the system and its external environment.

WP3 – Detailed Design.  During this phase it will be defined the final Computing Node system architecture, the drawings of each component previous to its manufacturing or implementation, including the schematics and interconnection between components, and the SW and external communications interfaces.

WP4 – Implementation.  This WP is focused on the Computing Node production, including the HW and SW implementation, the test bench and all the tasks around the development needs for the final integration.

WP5 – Acceptance Test and Verification.  This WP entails the Test Procedures definition as well to the test execution. The aim of this process is to assure that the release implementation meets the requirements.

WP6 – Support to System Integration.  IMASAT consortium will provide support to the System Integrator for the Computing Node integration at the Topic Manager premises.WP7 – Management.  This work package is transversal all along the project and it will entail several project management activities. In addition, dissemination and exploitation activities will be covered.